Huge Weight Loss Promises (the facts)

It seems that you can’t log onto Facebook now without seeing HUGE weight loss promises:

  • lose 10lbs in a week
  • drop 2 dress sizes this month, easily
  • lose a stone in a month
  • it’s easy & fun

 In other words: ‘buy my pills & potions and don’t eat any food and you’ll lose weight’, you’ll feel like crap, spend £ & put the weight back on but they won’t tell you that.

Good News: Losing weight is easy and you can eat real food including chocolate!!!

Today we will focus on the proven science behind weight loss and the facts:

 Why Do We Gain Weight (fat)?

The foundation of weight loss/gain is the same regardless of the factors involved, it is very simple:

***it can only happen when there is an excess of calories***

Fat Decreases: When energy out is higher than energy in…*** you burn fat when you are in a calorie deficit and need to burn your reserves***

How Many Calories Are In 1Lb Of Fat?

  • 1lb = 3500 calories
  • to gain 1lb you must consume 3500kcal more  than you use
  • to lose it’s the same in reverse, you must burn 3500kcal more than you consume

 Apply The Maths To Weight Loss Promises:

To maintain a healthy weight:

  • Avg Male requires roughly 2500kcal/day
  • Avg Female roughly 2000kcal/day

 If we are gaining weight it’s safe to say that we are over this target and probably not active enough.

 To lose fat, first we must understand that our base should be 2000/2500kcal/day but then also drop below this and increase energy out to start losing some of our stored fat.

 The evidence shows us that a safe range of weight loss is 0.5-2lbs/week, you should never drop below 1500kcal/day, believe it or not you need to eat real food.

 Weekly Weight Loss, Simple Maths:

  • Average Male Requires 17,500kcal/week
  • Average Female Requires 14,000kcal/week
  • 10lb’s fat loss = 35,000 Calories

 This is a deficit more than you should even consume in a week meaning that essentially you eat nothing, it is starvation.

 Where The Sales Come In

Don’t worry about the little factor of not eating, because these con-men can sell you ‘magic’ pills & potions to replace the food that you are not allowed to eat, however anybody qualified in nutrition that puts your health before profit knows why these are Unsafe & Don’t Work.

  • – You cannot store vitamins & minerals, supplements may give you a small amount before       urinating the rest (& your £) out and leaving  you depleted until your next pill or shake
  • – Liquids are proven to not trigger the same level of satiety meaning that they wont stop the   agonising hunger pains as your body screams for real food
  • – liquids & pills digest quicker causing a faster spike and drop in blood sugar, energy levels and increased hunger
  • – severe calorie restriction causes your metabolism to slow right down, weight loss will subsequently slow down and when you return to food you’ll pile the weight back on
  • – This is textbook YOYO dieting

 Let Me Ask You Something:

  • – Would you take medical advice from someone not medically trained?
  • – Would you have your car MOT’d by a baker?
  • – So why would you trust your health to someone not trained in nutrition?
  •    (L3 Nutrition Diploma or higher)

Our Top Tips Which Consistently Work For Our Clients:

  • Combine exercise with calorie reduction to prevent slowing of the metabolism
  • Aim for a 500-750 calorie/day deficit from exercise & food rather than 1 or the other
  • this will still give you >1lb/week fat loss
  • invest time into learning about food – we have plenty of articles to help you
  • take the money you saved on pills & potions and invest in the gym, swimming, badminton,   exercise classes etc
  • set realistic targets based on the maths we’ve given you
  • when happy with your body fat % adjust to your recommended daily intake
  • My Fitness Pal is awesome!!!
  • If you are lost seek help such as a personal trainer or nutritionist, but your first question is ‘what qualifies you to help me?’
  • We can help you with online support services if you’re completely lost

 good luck guys & happy health


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