Medha: Lost 30.7kg

‘Over the last 12 weeks, Tom has transformed the way I think about food and exercise. As a result, I feel more energetic and positive. I just hope I stick to everything that I have learnt from him and progress in my fitness journey.’

Barbara: weight loss & sport

 “I’ve trained with Tom on & off for a few years and would recommend him to anyone. He always starts by identifying my needs, i always achieve my goals and have fun in the process.”


“I’ve been working out for years and had some good results but struggled with getting definition. When Tom told me he could help me get leaner I wasn’t sure. A few months in though and I can definitely feel the difference thanks to small changes to my diet and workouts. Thanks Tom.”

Ben: Sports Performance

“Tom’s have been great at helping me to improve my stamina, strength & posture which is reflected nicely when i compete with my horse. I recommend giving them a go, they really know what they’re doing.”

Oscar: Sports Performance

“I’ve enjoyed training with Tom so far and like the simple and easy to understand plan he’s put together for me. I’ve struggled with personal trainers who gave me unrealistic workloads/targets which meant I lost motivation and stopped training altogether. Tom broke down what I needed to target to improve my on-track performance and stamina over a race weekend and I’ve already seen an improvement in my core strength. Also getting guidance on a better diet has helped my physical performance to be more consistent over race distance and I recover quicker than before. Keep up the ‘simple fitness/great results’ approach and let’s smash the 2017 season! Thanks”

Teresa: Health & Weight Loss

I feel very blessed to have met Tom who has been very supportive through my journey of my new lifestyle. I have seen significant results in my strength, abilities, balance, coordination and fitness giving me a real zest for improving myself.
Since January I have managed to shed significant weight and inches with Tom’s easy to follow tailored program. He has a great attitude to helping others, is very approachable and good fun.