Challenge Yourself

Who doesn’t like the feeling of achievement?!

Setting yourself Goals & Challenges is a great way to stay motivated and something to work towards, to cap it all off at the end you get an unrivaled sense of achievement…

Your goals don’t have to be huge, they could be something as simple as improving your lap time around the park by 1 minute in the next month.

The key to setting goals & challenges is to keep them SMART…We’ve mentioned SMART goals before and undoubtedly will again, for now here is a little reminder…

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At the end of every GOAL should be a reward whether internal or external….Last Sunday that’s exactly what we got when we took some of our Boot Campers to an 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race…Not only did we all get medals and freebies but of us including our trainers felt an immense sense of achievement that already has us focused on finding our next challenge.


What will your next challenge be?


Fitness For Older Adults

Today’s Myth Buster ‘I’m getting older, I need to take it easy’…

Too often we hear people citing age as a reason for being less active and more out of shape…Unfortunately this is just not true…As we get older it becomes even more important that we remain active….

It’s widely believed that aging means:
– you have to slow down
– your body is fragile
– you are tired easier
– you’ll gain weight
– age is why you’re unfit & out of shape

The reality is:
– you were probably already inactive
– this is why you’ve gained weight, over years of more calories in than out
– your metabolism has slowed due to inactivity meaning that you gain weight easier
– you have lost muscle mass through a lack of activity, use it or lose it!
– calories are the only thing that make you fat

The benefits of activity in older adults:
– faster metabolism
– increased muscle mass = better physique & faster metabolism
– better hormonal balance, higher testosterone in males
– increased bone density – less risk of breaks
– lower risk of falls & bones diseases such as Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
– better mental health
– a better quality of life
& many many more…

Becoming More Active:
  If you are starting out after an extended period of inactivity these top tips will help you to approach this in the best way

– consult your GP if you have any medical conditions
– understand your limitations
– start slow/easy and work out where you are
– build up the intensity gradually over time
– understand that this is a long term lifestyle, not a sprint
– always warm up & cool down
– use varied exercise including cardio & resistance
– listen to your body
– drink plenty of water
– if in doubt, consult a personal trainer

Age is not a valid reason for being inactive…if you look after your body it will look after you…active adults regardless of their age have a better quality of life…

What Is Pre-Exhaust Training?

As the name suggests, Pre-Exhaust training is  a system that aims to Exhaust/Fatigue a certain muscle group. This is done using an isolation exercise such as a flye or extension before moving on to a compound lift such as a press or squat.

Why Use Pre-Ehxaust?
It is important to understand that muscles work in pairs to perform movements, for example the chest pairs with the triceps to push whilst the back pairs with the biceps to pull.
With this in mind, picture the size difference between the biceps and the back, which one do you think will fatigue first?  Given the biceps considerably lower size and power output its very likely that their fatigue would prevent us from fully overloading the back.

This is where Pre-Exhaust training comes in, by using an isolation exercise such as a reverse flye we can start to fatigue the back without placing stress on the biceps, this ultimately will allow us to perform a greater volume on the compound exercise.

Studies have shown that Pre-Exhaust training is an effective method for allowing a greater volume of work resulting in greater overload and muscular adaptation.

How Do I Use Pre-Exhaust?
Perform 1-2 isolation exercises on your target muscle group (3-4 sets each) before moving to 2 compound exercises (3-4 sets each).pre-exhaustion-technique-minIsolation Exercises:

  • Chest: Flyes, Cable Cross Over
  • Back: Reverse Flye, Reverse Cross Over, Straight Arm Pulldowns/Pullovers
  • Shoulders: Side Lateral Raises, Front Lateral Raises,
  • Legs: Leg Extensions, Hack Squats, Leg Presses or Squats

4 Week Case Study: Real Results

We love to share our clients successes with you, they say more than we ever could with words alone.

We use a range of body composition & fitness tests every 4 weeks to help track our clients progress and ensure that our programming is effective.

Below are some recent results from one of our awesome clients, she has only made small changes to her diet, started exercising 3x/week and still enjoys nights out & a social life…the results speak for themselves, being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

As you can see in just 4 weeks:

– her weight is down
– her waist is slimmer
– her body fat & BMI have dropped
– she has gained muscle on her legs and arms
– all of her fitness tests have considerable improvement

If all of this can be achieved in just 1 month, imagine what you could achieve over 6 months and longer.

We hope this helps to motivate you.

Overnight Oats: Ready Made Breakfast

Do you find yourself rushing in the morning?

Did you know that people that skip breakfast have been proven to have less healthy lifestyles and are more prone to weight gain?

Eating a balanced breakfast can be easy though, you can prepare this filling, nutritious treat the night before in just 2 minutes.

Prep: 2 minutes
Serves: 1

30 grams Porridge Oats
Palm full of Nuts (we used hazelnuts)
Semi/Skimmed Milk
Ground Cinamon
Fist Full of Frozen Berry Mix
tea spoon of seeds (we like chia)


  1. Place the oats in a glass kilner jar
  2. add the nuts
  3. add a fist full of berries
  4. add a teaspoon of seeds of your choice
  5. add cinnamon (flavour to taste)
  6. cover to the top of the oats with milk
  7. seal the jar and shake
  8. leave in the fridge over night
  9. take out the following morning, 5-10 mins before you want to eat
  10. Enjoy & full full for longer

Health Is Not My Priority

Have you ever thought this way?

We know plenty of people that have/do.
In the stress & mayhem of daily life we often find ourselves consumed by commitments restricting both our finances and time…

This often results in us ultimately neglecting ourselves as we prioritise other things such as work, family & finance over our own health & well being…

Whilst this is common and not unexpected it often has the opposite effect, by focusing on our daily priorities we forget to question why they are so and what we truly need in order to accomplish them.

Our ‘Pyramid of Priorities’ has a familiar 1st Tier for most of us…
 STOP...and ask yourself why are these my commitments?
Untitled Diagram

The highest priority in life for every living thing is survival, this and how we feel will drive the majority of our behavior…Take it one step further and ask yourself ‘What Do I Need To Survive, NO…Flourish?’….

If your Body, Brain or Both are not functioning at optimum capacity how can you expect them to get you where you want or even NEED to be?  It’s no different to maintaining your vehicle to ensure that it transports you to where you need to be.

Today’s Top Tip: Start At The Top Of Your Pyramid.
Get this right and the rest will be considerably easier…

Happy Health,

Chicken Shish Kebabs

Serves 2
Prep 10-15 Minutes
Marinate >1 Hour
Cook 15 Minutes


For the Marinade

  • 6 tablespoons natural Greek yogurt

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

  • 1 teaspoon paprika

  • ¼ teaspoon cumin

  • 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

  • zest from half a lemon

  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon

  • 1 garlic clove

  • Black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon tomato purée

For the Salad and skewers

  • 2 chicken breasts cut into large pieces

  • ¼ red cabbage

  • ¼ iceburg lettuce

  • 2 tomatoes

  • ¼ cucumber

  • ½ red onion

  • 2 mushrooms

  • ½ yellow pepper

  • 2 pitta breads


  • mix together the all of the marinade ingredients. Add the chicken pieces and cover in the marinade. Cover with foil and marinade in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight.

  • When ready to cook, heat the grill on a high heat and prepare the skewers.

  • Alternate chicken pieces with pieces of red onion, mushroom and yellow pepper.

  • Once assembled, place the skewers under the grill and cook for 15 mins until the chicken has browned and cooked through, turning a couple of times throughout cooking.

  • While the chicken is cooking, prepare the salad. Slice the red cabbage and iceburg lettuce into thin strips and chop the tomatoes and cucumber into large chunks.

  • In the last couple of mins of cooking the skewers place the pitta breads under the grill. Turn them over after 1 min.

  • Slice the pita breads along the side to make a pocket and remove the chicken and vegetables from the skewers inside the pitas.

  • Serve with the salad & Enjoy

What Does Success Look Like To You?

+ What does success look like to you?
+ How will it feel?

These are valuable questions we ask all of our clients. Often we find that what makes us happy is not what we originally thought. By deconstructing the layers behind your goal(s) you’ll be able to identify what it really is that will make you happy long term.

For Example: commonly clients will have the goal “lose weight & tone up”, that’s great, however: firstly how much weight and by when? And more importantly:

1) Why?
2)  What is it about losing weight/being toned that will make you happy?
3) In 12 months what would success look like to you?
4) In 12 months how would success feel?
5) What do I need to do to see/feel success?

Through this process of investigation we often find deeper routed factors driving the desire for change, these being linked to happiness, self esteem, confidence & of course physical ability/health…

When asked what would success feel like, often our clients respond that what they really want is the satisfaction of knowing & feeling that they are exercising more regularly & eating a healthier diet whilst still enjoying a balanced lifestyle (it’s possible),  in turn this takes care of their physique, fitness & subsequently their happiness & confidence…

Whilst the end result is generally the same there’s an important difference here, in order to achieve the deeper/latter goals it becomes a game of regularity & routine building rather than an extreme intervention paired with an obsession with the scales…ask yourself: which would you be able to sustain for longer?

There’s always more to your goals than you realise, understanding them is the 1st step in achieving them…

Great Health Is About Playing The Long Game, Not Drastic Interventions….

Happy Health,

Smaller Changes For Sustainable Success

Making small changes to your diet & exercise habits are all it takes to achieve great results without a total sacrifice of your lifestyle.

The trouble is that many people start their journey too aggressively with an all or nothing attitude, extreme changes will achieve extreme results but are not sustainable and therefore inevitably result in extreme relapses = yoyo dieting 101!

Secondly many people simply don’t know what their underlying barriers & triggers are and therefore don’t make the necessary changes to address them long term.

We have a case study to share today from one of our clients, 1 month in and his results have improved in 100% of our test markers. They still enjoy nights out, weekends away and the food that they like. (continues below)

personal training results

The key is in planning realistic stepping stones of small, sustainable changes to your habits & triggers…You can only maintain your desired outcome by repeating  a sustainable approach long term, this cannot be one that is extreme or makes you unhappy.

Ask yourself: Would you prefer to lose 2 stone & regain it again in 6 months or lose 1 stone & keep it off forever?