Which Taught Exercise Is Right For Me?

Why Do I Need Instruction?

Answer this question with another: ‘Do I Want Maximum Results & Low Risk?’

 Professional instructors considerably increase your chances of success and shorten the lengthy process of learning how to achieve your goals, in the same way that a driving instructor increases your chances of passing your test.  Learning how to eat & exercise for success if commonly neglected by new & regular exercisers resulting in little to no results but plenty of frustration.

 Oh, Yes, But Personal Training is:

  • a luxury
  • too expensive
  • unnecessary

 This is far from true….
– You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Professional Instruction From £5/Week – 

 We live in a wonderful age of health awareness, as a result a wealth of options are available to us all, each with its own benefits and limitations, the summary below should help you choose which is right for you.

 Group Classes:


  • generally cheap (around £5/class)
  • large groups allow you to blend in
  • can make or take friends
  • can work at your own pace


  • group size means less attention from the instructor
  • sessions delivered for general audience, structure may not be relevant to you (too easy/too hard)
  • groups can be over populated

 Small Group Training: 


  • great way to train with friends
  • share the cost of a more personal session, instructor to yourselves
  • structure can be more relevant/tailored


  • still some compromise for ability of group
  • instructor is still shared but by less people


  • personalised training specifically for you
  • undivided attention from your trainer
  • private training environment


  • more expensive than groups
  • most effective over a period of time
  • finding a reliable trainer

 Online Training:


  • Flexible: can be done when & wherever by any trainer
  • casual, plans can be purchased individually as and when needed
  • can be done via email and/or Skype from anywhere


  • limits instructors ability to teach correct techniques
  • no equipment or facility is provided
  • relies on self motivation to follow plans

 Any help is better than no help and whether you spend £5 or £50 you’re investing in your health…We hope that this has been helpful in deciding which approach may be helpful to you…

– Being Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard –


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