Meet Our Trainers

Our team are blessed in really loving what we do…



With 15+ years of experience Tom has earned a truly diverse education in Heath & Wellness…There is a world of confusing information out there, luckily Tom has a talent for clearing the mess and making it simple and easy to achieve.

Tom has a lifetime of sporting history with a strong interest in golf, cycling and martial arts.

Tom uses his sporting background to make training sessions more enjoyable, often we play rather than train…exercise can be fun…



As our nutrition specialist Holly will surprise you with her in depth knowledge of all things food.

Holly has valuable experience in nutrition, weight management and the food manufacturing industry.

 Holly’s skills are not limited to nutrition though as she is a keen exerciser and no stranger to triathlons. Holly is also qualified in GP Exercise Referral allowing her to cater for clients with varying illnesses and limitations.

How We Can Help

We Offer A Range Of Bespoke Services Designed To Meet Your Needs With Minimum Disruption To Your Busy Life…You Want It, You Get It…

Strength & Toning: 

  • What to train, how & when
  • Technique, maximising effectiveness
  • Recovery & Nutrition, fuel the growth

Weight Management

  • whether you want to slim down, tone up or transform your body
  • what, why, how…it can be easy


  • All of the above is useless without the right energy balance & fuel
  • we make it simple & easy to adopt

Home Visit, 1:1 & Small Group Personal Training

  • We will bring the results to you

Fun & Fit Boot Camps

  • The clue is in the name – see us in action below



Free Consultation

  • We’re happy to go through your needs & goals with you before you commit to anything, no pressure!