Stress Less For Success

Stress…The silent killer that so many people under appreciate and fail to address…

It’s proven that stress has a significant impact on your lifestyle, impacting your physical & mental health. Our high pressured lives naturally accumulate stress whilst we often fail to do anything to reduce and/or remove it…The result can be quite catastrophic.

What Is Stress?
Stress is a perfectly natural response to the demands that our lives places on us. In small doses it can be positive, driving us to work harder and more efficiently to meet deadlines and milestones.

However, negative stress occurs when life’s demands outweigh our capacity/resources to deal with them.



Financial Commitments

Money, Budgeting

Deadlines (eg. work)

Time, Efficient & Organised, Intellect

Social Issues (friends & family)

Friends & Family Support

Work Pressure

Time, Efficient & Organised, Intellect

Nothing in life is constant, as a result your stress levels will vary depending on your Demand:Resource ratio. There are a number of ways in which we can alter our balance and subsequently our stress levels.

The Stress Bucket
The stress bucket is a popular analogy for visualising the build up of stress.
stress bucket-minYou have 2 ways in which you can reduce your stress:
1) Increase the size of your bucket (better coping)
2) Decrease the flow in (reduce demands)

Why Stress Is Bad For You (& Your Results)
– releases hormones that crave high sugar & fat foods
– reduces motivation to eat well & exercise
– impairs sleep, lowering energy levels
– can trigger negative emotions that affect lifestyle choices
– can increase blood pressure
– increases risk of T2 Diabetes & Heart Disease

Top Tips
– make time for fun
– be organised, plan your tasks & time
– get enough sleep
– plan meals
– make time for exercise
– break tasks down into manageable steps
– ask for help
– learn to say ‘No’
– take breaks
– limit Caffeine & Alcohol intake
– learn to mediate
– positive self talk
– share your feelings
– does it really matter?!
– learn new skills in areas you struggle
– be proactive (just get it done)

We hope that you find this helpful, after all what’s the point of working hard if you’re not happy.

Happy Health,

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