Choosing Equipment

The market is absolutely flooded with workout equipment, gizmos & gadgets…The truth is that you don’t need most of them…

Choosing a select few of the right pieces will save you time, space & money…

As an example, today we placed our 1st equipment order for our new studio..we’re consciously trying to minimise clutter & leave space for floor work, classes and movement drills…After some thought we decided that the following 3 items were the most essential to any gym, reasons to follow…

  1. adjustable workout bench
  2. squat rack with adjustable spotter bars
  3. 150kg Olympic Barbell Set

This combination will allow us to work every muscle group and perform all of the major compound lifts that form the foundations of all resistance plans.

Choosing the right squat rack has solved our storage concerns too as the bench, bar & plates are all housed within the squat rack…We can’t wait to show you once it’s installed.

By all means this is far from all of the equipment we have planned, the point is though that this simple set up (cheaper than you think) alone would allow us to get great results from our clients…

When looking at equipment there is always a simple question that we ask ourselves: “how many uses does this have & is there a more cost effective alternative?”

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