Fit You, In Feb Too (Top Tips)

If you hadn’t guessed from the title today’s post is about keeping motivated beyond January, we’ve got some top tips to help ensure that the ‘new you’ lasts longer than just January…

  • establish a routine – diary/calendar & planners are essential
  • key to success = adaptable approach – be flexible to ensure you hit your meal plan & exercise targets
  • set goals – click for more info
  • set targets eg. 3x 1 hour workouts per week, these can fit in around your schedule
  • review & adapt goals
  • take regular measurements – be accountable to yourself
  • look for/try to find activities that you enjoy
  • buddy up – get a friend on board, training buddies are great
  • manage your expectations: this is a long term lifestyle
  • accidents happen – recover, don’t stress
  • try new things: both food & exercise options are endless
  • Relax! take time to de-stress & get plenty of sleep
  • join an exercise class or get a Personal Trainer to help you out
  • don’t worry about what everybody else is doing
  • only take from advice from someone qualified

We hope this helps you to keep smashing your goals, you know you can do it!!

Happy Health,



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