Jump Yourself Fit (Plyometrics)

If you’ve ever trained with us you’ll know how much we love incorporating Plyometrics into our sessions…Today we’re going to tell you why…

Plyometrics is a style of exercise that uses explosive contractions, often jump based to utilise the stretch-shortening mechanism of muscular contraction for enhanced physiological adaptations.
Plyometrics are short lived, fast explosive exercises.

Benefits of Plyometric exercise include:
– Increased muscle size
– Increased strength & power
– Improved running efficiency
– Injury risk reduction
– Increased tendon stiffness
– Increased neural drive & improved muscle activation
– Improved sprint times
– Great calorie burning

These positive adaptations are beneficial in many sports applications as well as every day life, fitness & well-being.

Some of our favourites:
– Clap Push Ups
– Squat Jumps
– Plyo Lunges
– Box Jumps
– Single Leg Hops
– Bosu Burpees

Top Tips:
– Relies on balance & coordination
– Introduce gradually when new to Plyos
– Try adding 5 sets of 6-8 and see how you respond
– Rest 1-2 minutes between Plyo sets
– They are demanding, you will get out of breathe quickly
– You must understand the technique fully, start slowly and build up to full jumps

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