Fitness For Older Adults

Today’s Myth Buster ‘I’m getting older, I need to take it easy’…

Too often we hear people citing age as a reason for being less active and more out of shape…Unfortunately this is just not true…As we get older it becomes even more important that we remain active….

It’s widely believed that aging means:
– you have to slow down
– your body is fragile
– you are tired easier
– you’ll gain weight
– age is why you’re unfit & out of shape

The reality is:
– you were probably already inactive
– this is why you’ve gained weight, over years of more calories in than out
– your metabolism has slowed due to inactivity meaning that you gain weight easier
– you have lost muscle mass through a lack of activity, use it or lose it!
– calories are the only thing that make you fat

The benefits of activity in older adults:
– faster metabolism
– increased muscle mass = better physique & faster metabolism
– better hormonal balance, higher testosterone in males
– increased bone density – less risk of breaks
– lower risk of falls & bones diseases such as Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
– better mental health
– a better quality of life
& many many more…

Becoming More Active:
  If you are starting out after an extended period of inactivity these top tips will help you to approach this in the best way

– consult your GP if you have any medical conditions
– understand your limitations
– start slow/easy and work out where you are
– build up the intensity gradually over time
– understand that this is a long term lifestyle, not a sprint
– always warm up & cool down
– use varied exercise including cardio & resistance
– listen to your body
– drink plenty of water
– if in doubt, consult a personal trainer

Age is not a valid reason for being inactive…if you look after your body it will look after you…active adults regardless of their age have a better quality of life…

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