What Does Success Look Like To You?

+ What does success look like to you?
+ How will it feel?

These are valuable questions we ask all of our clients. Often we find that what makes us happy is not what we originally thought. By deconstructing the layers behind your goal(s) you’ll be able to identify what it really is that will make you happy long term.

For Example: commonly clients will have the goal “lose weight & tone up”, that’s great, however: firstly how much weight and by when? And more importantly:

1) Why?
2)  What is it about losing weight/being toned that will make you happy?
3) In 12 months what would success look like to you?
4) In 12 months how would success feel?
5) What do I need to do to see/feel success?

Through this process of investigation we often find deeper routed factors driving the desire for change, these being linked to happiness, self esteem, confidence & of course physical ability/health…

When asked what would success feel like, often our clients respond that what they really want is the satisfaction of knowing & feeling that they are exercising more regularly & eating a healthier diet whilst still enjoying a balanced lifestyle (it’s possible),  in turn this takes care of their physique, fitness & subsequently their happiness & confidence…

Whilst the end result is generally the same there’s an important difference here, in order to achieve the deeper/latter goals it becomes a game of regularity & routine building rather than an extreme intervention paired with an obsession with the scales…ask yourself: which would you be able to sustain for longer?

There’s always more to your goals than you realise, understanding them is the 1st step in achieving them…

Great Health Is About Playing The Long Game, Not Drastic Interventions….

Happy Health,

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