Smaller Changes For Sustainable Success

Making small changes to your diet & exercise habits are all it takes to achieve great results without a total sacrifice of your lifestyle.

The trouble is that many people start their journey too aggressively with an all or nothing attitude, extreme changes will achieve extreme results but are not sustainable and therefore inevitably result in extreme relapses = yoyo dieting 101!

Secondly many people simply don’t know what their underlying barriers & triggers are and therefore don’t make the necessary changes to address them long term.

We have a case study to share today from one of our clients, 1 month in and his results have improved in 100% of our test markers. They still enjoy nights out, weekends away and the food that they like. (continues below)

personal training results

The key is in planning realistic stepping stones of small, sustainable changes to your habits & triggers…You can only maintain your desired outcome by repeating  a sustainable approach long term, this cannot be one that is extreme or makes you unhappy.

Ask yourself: Would you prefer to lose 2 stone & regain it again in 6 months or lose 1 stone & keep it off forever?


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