HIIT or Miss?

HIIT Training…you may have head of it…but do you understand it?

HIIT training’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent times, HIIT studios are popping up everywhere and it’s become a household name…

What is HIIT?
High Intensity Interval Training: as the name suggests this is the process of working at high intensity for defined time periods (intervals), usually short to moderate in length, followed by rest intervals and then repeated…eg. 30 second sprints with 30 seconds rest repeated 5 times…

Why Chose HIIT?
In short, it works! HIIT training induces a huge range of health & fitness adaptations and offers a super effective method for burning lots of calories. It’s a time efficient method for not only burning calories but achieving a range of cardiovascular & neuro-muscular adaptations…

I’m Too Unfit To HIIT:
Great News: HIIT is heart rate based & therefore everybody can do it…if we’re looking to get your heart rate to 90% the only factors really affected by your fitness are:

– choice of exercise, we may use low impact moves in less trained individuals
– how quickly you hit 90% and interval duration: less trained individuals will hit 90% sooner and be able to sustain for less time
– rest intervals will be longer

The potential for creativity here is endless, we can use any equipment or our body weight alone to reach HIIT heart rates, this only opens it up further to a great audience and is a great tool for home workouts.

With these factors considered a HIIT workout can be adapted to suit nearly all audiences and remains an excellent choice of workout. 

Physical Adaptations:high-intensity-interval-workout-training-infographic-aug-2015
– Burn More Calories in a Shorter Time 
– post exercise (24-48 hours) excess post 02 consumption & calorie burning (epoc)
– increase in strength of left ventricle (heart)
– increased V02 Max (heart 02 output)
– increased vasodilation of artery and capillaries (lower blood pressure)
– increase in fast twitch muscle fibres
– increased tolerance of overload (can work harder for longer)
– increased endurance
– post exercise excess 02 consumption & calorie burning (epoc)
– improved insulin sensitivity, reduced risk of T2 diabetes

When To HIIT & When To Miss:
Given the nature of HIIT training it can be very demanding on the body, therefore it’s essential that we don’t over do it, we’ve put together a quick list of considerations below:

– 2-3 HIIT sessions/week with adequate rest between will show noticeable results
– rest sore muscles
– 45-60 mins/workout
– don’t workout if tendons, ligaments and/or joints are sore of inflamed
– drink plenty of water, get lot’s of sleep and rest between workouts
– HIIT classes and instructor lead are best for newcomers to avoid injury
– Assess what your overall goals are: HIIT will get you shredded but if you want big guns you’ll need to include it as part of a concurrent hypertrophy programme
– HIIT for fat loss will only work if we do not increase our calorie intake in response to the increase training intensity

So the answer to HIIT or Miss…HIIT!!!!
You’ll find plenty of HIIT exercises on our website, social media and YouTube Channels, as always we’re here to answer your questions too…

Happy HITTING Fitness Friends…



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