January Newsletter & Tips

It’s February 2018…Woah Right?!

We hope that you had a great start to your year and are on track with your 2018 Goals.

We’ll be sharing some great advice on this soon, however we’ll take this opportunity to touch on this essential tool to success.goal wish-min

Would you just get in the car and say “we’re going on holiday”? I’d say no, right? Without a plan or end goal how can you possibly make any noticeable achievement…Think about your health & fitness goals as a journey, which needs:

  • a destination: end goal
  • a journey plan: steps to success
  • time frame
  • measured progress markers

Without a plan how can you know: where you are going, when you’ll get there & if what you’re doing is working?

Summer will be here in no time and could serve well as a time framed marker for a change you’d like to see…

What We’ve Been Up To:bootcamp screen shot-min
As always its been a great month, there’s lot’s going on so we’ll keep it brief:

  • We helped to set up existing and new clients ready to smash their goals in 2018
  • Improvements to our Boot Camp format saw our membership increase dramatically
  • We invested in more, exciting equipment to keep our sessions fun & varied
  • We focused on new exercises and routines to keep our sessions fun & challenging
  • We’re busy planning events and new projects for Spring & Summer which will be here in no time
  • We shared more content to keep you motivated and in the know

The Plan For February
It’s business as usual, our priority remains supporting our clients & followers…Additionally we’ll be:


  • looking to add an additional Boot Camp class
  • acquiring more equipment
  • developing more moves & routines
  • sharing great media & tips

It’s been a long wet month, but you’re still standing…There is no time like the present to get the change that you want…but to get this change you must make a change….make a plan & stick to it, it’s OK to slip as long as you get back on it!!!

…Consistency is key….happy health, fit family…

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