Eating Healthier In 2018: 6 Easy Tips

We hope you’ve enjoyed your first week of 2018…Many of us will have vowed to cut down on treats, eat healthier &/or move more…

We’ve got 6 Easy Tips to help you Eat Healthier in 2018…

1)Smaller Portion Sizes: too much of even the best food still leads to weight gain. Try using a smaller plate or bowl, this hack is surprisingly good for tricking your brain.

2) Brown is Best: Is a good rule of thumb when choosing Carbs. White carbs are lower in fiber breaking down into sugar quicker than their brown/wholegrain counter parts causing a spike in blood sugar.
(See our earlier article of Carbs for more info –> Click Here)


3) The Pie Chart Plate: aim for 50% of your plate being vegetables and only 25% carbs. Traditionally most households will have this the other way round. Vegetables are high in nutrients & fiber and low in calories making them an essential for healthy eating and weight management.

4) Protein Power: Protein is essential to many bodily functions, additionally protein keeps you feeling full for longer whilst releasing it’s energy slowly.
chicken, fish, beans, & pulses are all excellent choices.
(For more info –> Click Here)food-products-containing-protein-min

5) Explore & Experiment: dare to be different, to get a change you must make a change. Explore new recipes & ingredients, we have plenty on our website to get you started.

6) Planning & Consistency:
Are the key to success in any field.Running on auto pilot & ‘doing what I’ve always done’ will get you the same results you’ve always had. We know how hard it is to change habits & routines. Planning helps you to keep on top until new behaviors become your norm.

Our most successful clients are the ones who planned:
– what they want to achieve, SMART goals are great
Keys-to-success-min– what is letting them down and their barriers to success
– realistic solutions
– meals, shopping lists, meal times & exercise time

Remember: You’re only human!
You may slip but it doesn’t mean you have failed, dust yourself off, work out where you went wrong and get going again…

We are here if you need any help.

Happy New Year…

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