10 Tips For A Healthier, Happier Christmas

ripped-santa2-4d4Njd-clipartIt’s that time again: work parties, socials, advent calendars, gifts and plenty of treats & tipples, cold weather & good TV…it’s a danger zone for even the most health conscious of people…

We’ve put together this survival guide to help you enjoy your Christmas with minimal damage to your health & fitness &/or waist line…

  1. Dare to be different: your gym may be shut & your house full…this could stop any of us from exercising, try going for a boxing day jog or give a home workout a goimages
  2. What Are Your Options? what classes are on? would your friends & family be up for a boxing day football match etc?
  3. Make A Plan: you know your life better than anyone, what is realistic for you? what time can you free to keep active and on top of those extra calories.
  4. Mind Over Matter: Remember, you’ll have a great time whether you gorge yourself or hold back…which would you feel better about come January?
  5. Take a 10-20 minute walk after your meals: this not only aids digestion but will stop you crashing out on the sofa or reaching for more food
  6. Smaller Portions: Take a smaller plate & take your time to taste your food, eat at the table and chat away, healthy-christmas-treats-5this gives your brain the 20 minutes needed to register that you’ve eaten, reducing the risk of over eating and the ‘Christmas dinner feeling’
  7. Snack Smart: don’t eat straight from the box or bag, place a small portion in a bowl to reduce over eating….try snacking on healthier alternatives such as fruit & veg with dips
  8. Freeze your left overs for another day/meal
  9. Alcoholic Calories: Be aware of high sugary drinks such as mulled wine, liquors, ciders & alco-pops…dry white wine and white spirits with diet mixers are considerably lower in calories than the aforementioned drinks
  10. Keep It Colourful: Don’t skimp on the veg & leaves, the nutrients will keep your feeling healthy and these lower energy high fiber super foods keep you feeling full for longer, reducing the risk of over eating

Vital: Remember, you can have a great Christmas without completely letting go, after all it’s friends and family that make Christmas, not chocolate and sherry.

A little bit of thought & preparation goes such a long way.

…Let’s Hit 2018 Full Of Energy, Not Regret…




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