October Newsletter

As we sit between summer & Christmas Autumn really is a great time to focus on your health & fitness.

We’re not the only ones that believe this as we’ve had a crazy month.  We hope you’ve also had a great October.

What We’ve Been Up To:

  • We’ve had a full schedule of supporting our clients & classes
  • We used the half term to provide some sports sessions for holiday camps, wow they are tiring – we’re fit but kids are in a league of their own
  • we finalised our partnership with F45 Training to support their arrival in Reading. We’re helping prepare their new site on Friar Street in Reading, opens late Nov, expect intense classes & rapid results – more info to come soon
  • Fun & Fit Boot Camps made their debut in Slough where we now run a weekly meet on Saturday mornings – true to their name we have a great time20170906_213113
  • We built & eventually launched our shiny new site, our new provider is much more responsive with faster loading times, http://www.tomsfitness.co.uk is still our home
  • We’re working on an improved image which includes our shiny website, we’ve also invested in some clothing and vehicle signage, if you see us, give us a wave!
  • Our Boot Campers are showing true grit and dedication braving all weathers to get stuck in and enjoy some Fun based Fitness

Meet Medha:

Medha is a shining example of dedication & consistency.

Medha before after 2After her pregnancy she weighed 93kg. Since then Medha has lost 30.7kg and is still going strong. She’s done this by adjusting the balance of her diet and exercising regularly (text book strategy!). Great Work Medha…

What’s Next:

  • Naturally our main focus will be getting our clients ready for Christmas & New Year, they’ll be in the shape of their life when everyone else is just starting in January
  • We’re making our pilgrimage to L.A to visit Golds Gym & Muscle Beach among to witness the home of the global fitness explosion, we’ll have a cheeky workout on Muscle Beach
  • Whilst in L.A we’re attending a 5 day course at F45 HQ to learn their innovative training systems, look out for some new moves when we get back
  • We’re working on some exciting promotions for the New Year, your ideas are more than welcome
  • We urge you to plan how you’ll stay active if you’re bothered by the declining temperatures

Here’s To A Great November…


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